cups of coffee

"you can't have a cup of coffee with the landscape" -greg brown.
i love sipping cups of coffee with my favorite people, which has pretty much kept me in this godforesaken wilderness we call minnesota my whole life. i was born to be a surfer girl, spending my days in the ocean, floating, warm. but as i said before, you can't have a cup of coffee with the landscape, or the ocean for that matter. and you certainly can't have a cup of coffee with a blog...or can you. some of my favorite people are bloggers. so, here's to cups of coffee, to blogging, to my favorite people. this blogs for you anne, jana, jess, paige, chanda & bryan.

this photo is of me having a cup of coffee with, ah, the landscape (ok, maybe it is possible, greg brown is full of shit, and obviously grew up on a farm in Iowa and made up that stupid song to make himself feel better. i may be moving soon)