a good thing

today is the last harvest at the farm. the zucchine vines are dying back, the broccoli is flowering out, and the cucumbers are slowly coming to an end.

an end.

somehow this ending stirs me. but i'm ready. to be honest, for the first time in my life, i'm ready for winter. maybe i'm tired of the pace of summer, the picking, the weeding, the canning. all of the energy it takes for one to grow their own food. but now, i can slow down. i can curl up on the cold morinings and not have to go out into the wet fields with my buckets and boots.
i can simply heat up the soups i've been storing and i can feel good. good about what lies ahead.

i know that if i lived a hundred years ago, the work would not be over. no, i'd be chopping wood, making bread, maybe even killing the chickens.

but of course it's not a 100 years ago and I'm a vegetarian so that's it. my work here is done. an ending is sometimes a good thing.


one small step

did anyone watch ms. curic become the first female to anchor the national news on tuesday?

i did.

i sang for joy when i heard her open the CBS evening news, the news i grew up on. i almost peed my pants. but at the end of her broadcast, she announced she was not going to come up with her own sign off, her goodbye to her fellow americans. she decided to leave it up to us. we can tell her how we think she should sign off by simply going to CBS.com and typing in what we think ms. curic should say. because obviously she cannot use her own words, her own voice. rather, she left it up to us.

Rather would never have done that. He knew what he wanted to say.

this may be one small step. but it may just be one giant leap backwards for womankind.