then the rains came and i gave thanks

i am grateful for the heavy rain, the thick sultry air, the strawberries, the dill.
i am happy to have friends that fit like an old pair of danskos. who have walked miles with me and never grow weary of it.
i am loving peonies in every room of the house, and our new backporch.
i give thanks for my beautiful son and his sweet, sweet kisses. and my beautiful husband and his sweet, sweet embraces.
i am grateful to have taken communion with an old catholic czech, and held the hand of an aged iowa farm boy.
i love open windows and birds building nests and church bells blowing in through the curtains.
i am happiest when napping with my baby in the crook of my arm in the middle of the long afternoon.
i give thanks for laughter and sunburns.
and of course the rains that follow....