scant time

Psychically, it is good to make a halfway place, a way station, a considered place in which to rest and mend after one escapes a famine. It is not too much to take one year, two years, to assess one's wounds, seek guidance, apply the medicines, consider the future. A year or two is scant time.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With the Wolves.


past titles

it's funny that each time i start to type in a new title, all the old blog titles starting with that letter pop up in the box. it's like a little walk down memory lane of all my old feelings, triumphs, frustrations. i'm still amazed at technology. but i'm still not sold.

i doubt anyone is still even reading this. this old blog. i'm obsolete. at least in cyber space.

i can't figure out how to stay in touch with people anymore. no, i'm not on facebook. i don't check my email very often. i blog even less. hell, sometimes matt has to check my voice mail messages because i can go for days without checking. i know this is terribly annoying. i understand, really i do. i am sorry. but the truth is, i'm not going to change. i'm like my dad. he doesn't know how to save documents, so he just prints them. he has 2 rooms FULL of paper floor to ceiling.

that's me. 200 unread emails. 5 new voicemails. the friend requests sent me into panic. it's just not for me. i'm sorry. if you want to reach me, stop by. i'm home. out back in the garden.