ugh: part 2, the flu

yes, more snow.

yes, no closer to spring.

yes, on top of that we got the flu.

yes, all 3 of us.

yes, even avery.

yes, the puking.

yes, the "other thing " too.

yes, it was horrible.

yes, my mom, bless her heart came to help.

yes, she got it too.

yes, dad was here too...will he get it?

yes, most likely.

yes, it felt like the end.

yes, it must be, it has to be the end.

yes, the end of winter. the end of sickness.

yes, a little spring-cleaning for our bodies.




i thought winter was finally gone! the snow does look beautiful falling all peacefully, blanketing the brown, dirty earth but cripes.....when will spring ever come?!?

anyway, this photo cheered me right up!


women rule

i got to listen to a snippet of this woman today on mpr. i was driving. i was eating a turkey sandwich. i was running late. i had only 20 minutes to go home, nurse my babe, make the said sandwich and be back to work for the rest of the day. and i managed to do this all while talking with my sister AND listening to this program on mpr.

as i drove, and ate, and talked and listened all at once, i also managed to create an entire blog entry in my head about why women rule. i'll type that out at a later date. but for now, just thought you'd like to listen to this podcast and read the book, "why women should rule the world."

clearly we already do.