how do you measure summer?

is it possible to measure summer? some people measure summer in t-ball games, in fish caught, or in trips to the lake. others measure summer in BBQ's, in shave-ices, or in country fairs. some measure summer in fresh tomatos, in lemonade stands, or even in mojitos.

i measure summer in tan lines....and seeing that i already have a flip-flop line on my feet (and it's not even june), i have a feeling this is going to be a VERY good summer.

is it possible to measure summer? if so, how do YOU measure summer?


things i've learned

so, Avery is 5 weeks old today. and it's incredible the things i've learned from this
  • little teacher

  • and not just the stuff they don't tell you about, or the stuff other mothers DON'T talk about. like the extremely sore nipples, the leaking boobs, the times when i'm alone with him and don't know where to put him while i'm pooping. and the days when i don't even get a chance to poop! or eat for that matter. or how much HE'LL eat. which is CONSTANTLY! or how milk drips into the creases of his fat little neck and begins to smell sour. and how you really use burt's bees lotion to cover up the sour milk neck smell and NOT for dry skin. and how unglamorous motherhood really is, despite everything i've seen and read in PEOPLE magazine.

    and then there are the things that people DO talk about, but you somehow think YOU'LL be different. like the not sleeping. and the fatigue. and the "letting yourself go." and how you have trouble concentrating. and how you sort of forget about everything else in the world. or that there even is a world outside of the two of you. and how not a second goes by anymore that i don't think (i.e. worry) about him. and how my life is not really my own anymore. and how little you can get done in a day. other than just contributing to his growing "weight problem." oh, and did i mention the not sleeping?

    and then there are the things that i wasn't AT ALL prepared for. like the way his little eyes search my face and make me melt. or the way his little mouth opens up when he's hungry and he looks like a little bird. and how i can't stop kissing him. and kissing him. and kissing him. and how he feels in the croock of my arm at night in bed. and how his warm little body nestles into me and my heart literally swells with love. and how the thought of losing him (god forbid) makes me break into a million pieces. or how surreal it feels to see matt holding him. and the pride i feel as i watch him grow, and smile and laugh...and get to know everyone that loves him. like cousin Charlie, who took a swing in the hammock and tickled his little toes. or that despite all the ways my life has changed, i really couldn't imagine it any other way. and wouldn't want to go back to the way it was.

    and despite all the things i didn't know, the world IS beginning to make sense.

    avery's in the hammock!


    paige is in the hammock

    i thought i would find the best hammock photos for my next few posts.

    this was last year. it was may. i had just graduated. and we had all celebrated (with a keg in the garage) the night before.

    so, the morning after the party, as we all gathered talking and laughing and nursing our hangovers....we couldn't help but wonder, where is paige?

    well, paige was in the hammock. and as one would imagine based on this photo, she had spent last night in the
  • hamper
  • yes, paige was definitley in the hamper! i mean hammock.


    nice shark

    anne tells me it's the way of the future...to post videos on blogs. anne did it. tia's been doing it. and now paige has even posted a video! so, here goes! this may be my all time favorite video. charlie was only 3. it was the last day of July. it was hot, very hot. but we were in the shade, enveloped in a hammock where we spent all afternoon "fishing" for croppies, walleys, and even a shark. i'll never forget this day. and i can't believe how much fun i'm going to have with a boy!!!

    nice shark from amandapettis