today, april 25th, signifies the length of time a WOMAN has to work IN ADDITION to her regular hours to equal the pay a man makes at the SAME job, with the SAME qualifications. That means women have to work from January 1-April 25=115 days EXTRA to recieve equal pay to men for the calendar year. so, today, april 25th feminsits are asking people to wear red to show their OUTRAGE at this inequality and discrimination that STILL exists in the workforce. i'm not just wearing red...i'm seeing RED!


our town

it's my first saturday morning post-thesis. matt's working and I am...well...i am sort of at a loss for what to do.

so, i'm sitting at the ole store, working on my second latte (ok, maybe my third, but who's counting?)

Then, i did something i've never done before....I bought the Northfield News.

i love that i can come to a coffee shop and feel like i'm just sitting at home. i love that i know everyone here and nearly everyone who walks by on this gorgeous day. i love that the cover story of the paper is of Al Franken, who was speaking here last night. I also love that further in the paper, i find a story about the local trout lilies, which are now in bloom and grow only within 3 counties of the WORLD! and i love that i live in one of those counties. and i also love that i can take a class on the "ethics and aesthetics of travel photograpy" in our town, and then go hang out with some 'townies" at Boonies bar.

i love that despite all the places i've lived, i feel most at home...in our town.



i'm posting for the second time today... those are the kinds of things you can do when you finish a 101 page thesis.

so, why am I posting again? what else could i possibly have to say?

well, i've been signing my name lately as ajp. it's how i sign my comments on blogs, my emails, and my notes.

why is this significant you may ask?

well, as i was signing today, i couldn't help but wonder, why do these letters feel so good to type, and why do they look so good? and then it dawned on me...it's only one key away from sjp...(that's Sarah Jessica Parker for those of you who are not familiar). i'm only a pinkie away from her initials. it makes me even more fabulous...and frivilous for taking the time to write about it. but, hey that's just me, post-thesis.



well, there is no more procrastinating to be done

because it's done

my thesis.

i finished and it feels amazing, now i'm off to the printer...

i hope to blog more now that it's DONE!