the date is getting closer....i am now officially one month away from meeting this coiled up little "giant" growing in my belly. there isn't a moment in my day that goes by without me asking myself: "how will this go with another person around...?"

i'm savoring every moment of quality time with avery. last night i put him to sleep because matt was at the shop working late. matt puts him to bed almost every night and sings his songs and i get to lay there in bed, envisioning nursing my other baby to sleep. to the gentle singing of their father singing in the next room.

but last night i got to experience the magic that is watching him drifting slowly off to sleep. i got to sing. i love singing. i don't do it enough. i closed my eyes and sang with all my heart. i sang the 4 goodnight songs with all the love i had. silent night, jingle bells, spoon full of sugar, and twinkle twinkle little star. weird choices. i know. you'll have to ask matt about that. these have been the four songs for about 10 months now.

but as i sang twinkle twinkle i just had the urge to kiss him all over his head, his face, his neck. i kissed in between each word and phrase. and i thought to myself, "someday he won't let me do this, perhaps someday very soon...." and just when i felt the tears welling up in my eyes and i reached the last "how i wonder what you are" he whispered softly,

"well, that was a neat way to do it mama."

i think i will be putting him to bed for the rest of the month.