sure signs of spring. birds at the feeder. waking to their morning songs. sun rising before we do. melting. dripping. little rivers cutting through the snow. these happen every year to signify the changing days.

but this year there is a new "sign" for spring. avery's first baby sign:


just today. in his high-chair, pointing, then putting his thumb and pointer finger together. chirp, chirp, chirp. that's right avery. bird!

what signs do you see that spring is on the horizon?


western medicine?

would your doctor ever call you and tell you that another patient of theirs is very sick and needs a pot of chicken soup (with lots of garlic) brought to their door?

i didn't think so.

which is why i love the power of the feminine spirit. midwifery, in it's truest form, is this incredible gift that i'm just slowly beginning to unwrap, like a child with a present. it continues to surprise me. delight me.

and i am sincerely delighted to be making soup for an expectant couple who are too sick even to cook, knowing that feeding them not only nourishes their bodies, but also nourishes my community, my world and my own soul.

would your doctor ever tell you about things like that?

i didn't think so.


moon geeks

so i sat down to watch the lunar eclipse the other night. i was excited and full of anticipation. i love the moon. i adore the moon.

i love how she glows,
how she creates my flows.
i love her face,
how she floats in space.

(you could say, based on that lame poem that i'm a bit of a moon geek). anyway, as i was saying, i sat down to watch the eclipse, prepared for something to HAPPEN.

but i waited. and i waited. and i waited. and nothing HAPPENED. i waited what felt like a really, really long time and all i could see was the bottom, left edge of the moon get a little fuzzy from the earth's shadow. i did not have time for this. this was about as exciting as watching paint dry. so i got up and did something else. i don't even remember what i did. all i knew was my baby was asleep and i did NOT have time to sit around and watch nothing HAPPEN.

then, i heard a bunch of people talking on MPR about the eclipse and how incredible it was....what were they talking about?!?! surely there must be others out there more geeky than me when it comes to la luna. well, alright. i denounce my geekism. and give props to those of you who did manage to watch the 3 hour progression and even more amazed at those who even sat outside and took pictures...here's to them, the true moon geeks.


boy oh boy

i have a boy. my little baby is now the ripe old age of 10 months. and he is becoming, despite my dismay, very, well.....boyish!

he wears blue. he is loud. he bangs things.
he is independent. he is rowdy. he is fearless
(last night at swimming, he threw himself off the edge with no one there to catch him).
he likes men. mostly his papa. he has stopped playing with his doll, and is now onto trucks. oh, and he thinks he is really funny as he laughs at his own sneezes, burps and farts. (ok, maybe that comes more from his mama than from being a boy).

but, despite his blue-wearing, cup banging, boyish ways, i do love him. really i do.



i have lost the will to blog. it's -20 degrees. avery has been sick for a week. i haven't been outside in days. i'm exhausted. all i want to do is hunker down, get cozy in my warm basement and curl up with a DVD of "Planet Earth" which we got for Christmas and haven't had the chance to watch yet. i highly recommend it!

it makes perfect sense to me. that all i want is to be near my family and stay underground. especially after watching mama polar bear and her cubs as they emerged from the hole in the snow after a long winter holed-up together nursing in the darkness. i'm not any different than her. i need to preserve my strength for the coming spring. the demands of raising up a cub are strenuous. so i'm hibernating for the rest of the winter. don't know when you'll hear from me again. for now it's time for stillness underneath the snow, nursing in the darkness, bodies buried below....