Amber Lynn Hope Pettis Chunk

my little sister has a really BIG name.

i spent the weekend with my sister while both of our men were away. we shopped, ate pizza, drank wine, stayed up way too late talking, laughing... being sisters.

you see, the thing is, although having friends is great, sisters are the only ones who can really tell us when we are making a BIG mistake. with men, with jobs, with hair, and definitely with bras. my sister took one look at my pathetic piece of worn-out lycra and said, "absolutely not." so, we went bra shoppig. me, my boobs, and my little sister.

there is nothing like the truth in a dressing room. in fact, there is nothing quite like the truth spoken by your sister. while it's nice to hear about how well you're doing, sometimes, the most refreshing conversations are when you're just able to lay it all out there and talk about what a shit job you're doing in life, and have somebody say, "yeah, you could really work on that, oh, and by the way, your breath stinks, you're not that fun anymore since you started school, you're really bossy, and i think you are kind of annoying sometimes" (for example).

so, luckily i have my sister to remind me of my shortcomings. but like a good bra, my sister offers just the right amount of support. without being too restricting, or digging in too deep. she fits perfectly... and i love the way she makes me feel.



it's the vernal equinox
and this female robin
speaks for all of us
when she tells me she's still waiting....

waiting for spring.



ever heard of ssb? secret single behavior? maybe you remember it being referred to in my favorite show of all time, satc. that's right, sex and the city. well i've discovered that secret single behavior also has a married counterpart, which i have recently begun to exhibit. i've been spontaneously breaking out into infomercials. my husband, of course, is my audience. just yesterday, in the middle of our nightly "routine" i started in on one of my all time “best sellers.” he oohed and aahhed over my amazing ability to turn dull, dingy sterling silver jewelry into brilliant, sparkling objects of desire. he tells me he thinks i have a chance to make it big. i agree.

i must admit, its comforting. this secret married behavior.

i like to know that every night without fail there will be the
"up, fluff, fluff, down" of his pillow just as there has been for the past 1,534 nights that we have been keeping each other’s secrets.


umbilical theory

in class yesterday, while trying to help us all understand object relations theory and the concept of attachment, my wise professor just dropped everything she was holding and said, "The belly button explains it all....it is our connection to humanity." amongst the blank stares, she caught my eye, we both knew.
i haven't been able to stop thinking of it since.

all of us came into this world literally attached to another human being, yet, without this membrane tying us to one another, we make our way through life, trying to convince ourselves that we are not one...but we are. a collective humanity. and it all starts with the belly button...more blank stares.


cat's out of the bag...

well, my secret's out. i'm a feminist.
and to think i actually thought maybe i'd be able to keep that
under wraps for at least a little longer than my second blog!


anyway, there are lots of things you don't know about me yet. for starters, i now have,not one, but two cats, which officially makes me...

a cat person.